Coming Up: An Interview Scott Rains – World Traveller and Expert on Disabled Travel

For some reason or another, the work on this website keeps connecting me with some interesting and outstanding individuals. Scott Rain (Dr. Scott Rain, that is), contacted me this morning since he had come across my website and felt he wanted to contribute some of his expertise on disabled travel to the Travel and Transitions audience. Scott and I had a long chat this afternoon and based on our shared mutual interests, Scott will become a regular contributor here on this website as an expert on disabled travel.As a young man, undeterred by the practical necessities of earning a living or saving for retirement, this intrepid romantic studied Linguistics to the level of bachelor’s degree and studied Theology to the doctorate level. At the age of 18 he (involuntarily but permanently) adopted the sedentary position – long before the majority of his peers. His studies, profession, and innate wanderlust (Sagittarius) have put him in other compromising positions along multiple latitudes and longitudes.The terrain of Scott’s professional career is variegated. Equal parts high adventure and pilgrimage he has worked as a ranch hand, in social activism, in higher education, as an author, in technology education and in travel.Drawing on these experiences Scott contributes articles, photography, research and advice in various online settings. He is an independent travel professional and a member of the industry’s professional association, the Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN).Scott is also a Faculty Fellow of the Graduate Theological Foundation, and Travel and Disability Editor of He is currently investigating the application of principles of universal design in the travel and hospitality industry. His other research interests include conflicting definitions of disability, identity issues among recently disabled seniors and those whose disability has been of longer duration, and the worldwide increase in the population with disabilities.Very soon Scott will be sharing with us his insights and travel experiences, particularly as viewed from the perspective of a disabled traveller.

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